Car designing process

Car designing process

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Research and analysis: when we say one car has been released we must be knowing that thousands of cars of same models are been manufactured so, taking an approximate cost of single car if you do the math number won’t be easier for us to count, so don’t you think before putting this much amount in the market it is necessary for the company to understand the market needs and competitors.

Usually, companies spend millions of dollars in market research and deciding the product or upgrade of an existing product for the greater possibility.


Research and analysis has been mainly classified into three stages

1)     Market research

2)   Target audience research

3)   Trend


1.Market research: it understands the market value for the product.  The company conducts some research to define the vision of the product (car). To understand, which country has a larger scope and type of challenges that may arise in-between the project?


2. Target audience: It is very important for the car manufacturing company or for any business to understand the target audience. In this stage most of the features are and vision for the product will be decided. One simple example would be if the company is planning for launching a sports car then the market is too small so according to the audience, plans will be drawn.


3. Trend: We can partially fit this into target audience but, more on we are focusing on the looks and functionalities of the car and then the audience available for the product. Example if some country has a good percentage of buying SUV this common interest in the people would be targeted and companies will focus on the trend and effort would be put in the SUV making for that particular region. Later the efforts would be put in creative work to   the uniqueness in the project


Mood Board and Inspiration Board

These are the small and initial steps carried out by the designing team. In these stages, the characteristic of the car will be decided. The designer will take the inspiration and try to create the car as similar to the mood and characteristics of the inspiration.


Ideation sketching: thousands of sketches of the same car is designed in this stage to try and get the maximum combinations and best-suited character to the Car total 360-degree looks are analyzed in the stage and different view angle drawings also created in this stage. Among these thousands of sketches, few will be taken out and preceded for further stages.


Final sketching and refining: With reference to all ideation sketching the final model of the car will be decided and developed in this stage. A company may also consider two to three different looks for the same model


Marker rendering: In this stage, different colors are tried out on the sketches and different parts of the sketches for nice looks. The main scope of this stage is to understand the better looks of the car in terms of color combinations. It is a very important and sensitive stage where the first look of the car has been decided in this stage.


Digital rendering: once all hand work is done its time for digital touch. Many companies use a different tool for the digital rendering and most the designers prefer Adobe Photoshop which is a great platform for beginners to learn the digital rendering. If u want to see and learn what is rendering in depth click here


Package technical rendering: in this stage of car designing process the detailed view of the car from different angles are drawn and 3D illusion is created, looks of a car from every possible angle must be as stylish as possible and should show the real character of the car.


Clay modeling: This stage of the process is very interesting and full of artwork. Where a demo model of visionary car is been created with the help of clay and some color rapping on the clay. After the stage, the car would be looking as same as it would look when it's running on a road. The clay is scratched by the hand with the help of an appropriate tool to give the desired shape and curve to the car as designed previously.


Once the clay model is created designing team scans the model and that goes to 3D modeling in Alias with varieties of the test in terms of balancing of weight looks, and many physical tests to satisfy physics laws.


Alias modeling: one of the important stages for every vehicle before it goes into the manufacturing stage. This stage is mainly focused on A class surface finishing of a car body which is not negotiable in any vehicle.  


There will be continues interaction with the engineering team to modify the design and rewrite some of the parts of the car in technical terms and best fit of engines and other engineering parts. With world-class management and experienced people around the table, the company comes to a plane ground and decides parameters to be taken into consideration. And the final product would be selected.


It's pure of technical and software oriented process someone from a technical background or interested in software-driven work. This is the best suite. If you want to learn Alias modeling online with worlds renown experts alias modeling. click here and subscribe to the course. After this stage engineering team take over and start working towards the manufacturing of cars.


These are the standard process that every car company follows however different companies follow their own different stages of designing according to the need and their brand requirements.


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