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Car designing process
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Research and analysis: when we say one car has been released we must be knowing that thousands of cars of same models are been manufactured so, taking an approximate cost of single car if you do the math number won’t be easier for us to count, so don’t you think before putting this much amount in the market it is necessary for the company to understand the market needs and competitors. Usually, companies spend millions of dollars in market research and deciding the product or upgrade of an existing product for the greater possibility.   Research and analysis has been mainly classified into three stages 1)     Market research 2)   Target audience research 3)   Trend   1.Market research: it understands the read more....

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  For professional automotive designers looking for new clients and for students of automotive design applying for a school or an internship, the importance of a design portfolio should not be underestimated. Making a portfolio for automotive design involves selecting a variety of different projects that you are most proud of. and providing a brief biography and resume that tells the client, school, or employer something about yourself and your work STEPS TO MAKE A PORTFOLIO : 1.  Choose your portfolio theme. Make sure the size is appropriate to the amount of work you plan on showing. If possible, choose a portfolio case that represents your design style. 2.  Include an introduction to yourself and your work. It's always helpful and of course, a vital thing for read more....

Author - Arjun pujari     |     05-04-2019     |     how to build a portfolio how to build a stock portfolio creactive creative portfolio building an investment portfolio from scratch how to build a portfolio for designing portfolio design for students

If you are looking to get a job in your dream place or get admission in your dream designing colleges And for that, you need to make not only a portfolio but an attractive portfolio which directly pinch the eye of the professional designers then this website will direct you in every possible way. We'll cover •What is a portfolio? •Tips for the portfolio. •how to make an attractive portfolio? •Steps to create a portfolio. •Mistakes during portfolio making •DO'S AND DON'TS WHAT IS A PORTFOLIO?     A portfolio is a compilation of materials that exemplifies your beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training, and experiences. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic     The proce read more....

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  Pininfarina  (  Cambiano, Italy (source of image   Design shapes the world and this is what Pininfarina has been doing since ever, being one of the best players in the development of design around the globe. The design philosophy of Pininfarina derived from its Founder, Battista Pinin Farina. His work was always inspiring to the projects, where aesthetic choices were chosen by technical points. Pininfarina is one of the centers where Ferrari cars have been designed in the past before separating the path with Ferrari. Contributions like 1963 Ferrari 250 GTR to the Ferrari lovers One more secret of the Pininfarina creations is the search for the perfect balance between character and harmony, something that ra read more....

Blogs - How to get a job in automotive designing
How to get a job in automotive designing
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How to get a job in automotive designing? One obvious question that can get who has interest in automotive designing. We are going to address this question in this blog and at the end, you will be having a clear idea about the process and different roles in automotive designing.   Automotive designing is a job of perfection and there are different roles inside the automotive industry, depending on your interest and area of experience. Some of the key roles or jobs in the automotive industry are as follows.   Illustrator Sketching and rendering experts Clay model experts Alias model experts Strategy designers Market researchers Color materials and trim (CMT) Automotive graphic designer​ As mentioned above, its industry of experts to maintain the read more....

Blogs - Car designing courses after 12th
Car designing courses after 12th
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Welcome to the field of creative passion and evergreen desire to create something extraordinary for user experience i.e. automotive designing.   Are you in your +2 of educations career? Passionate about the car and bikes? You are at the right place in this articles we will know about the career path for a desire to towards cars and bikes, what steps that you can take to make your hobbies as your life your career.   As 12th or 12+ students it's very hard to focus on one field and be clear with your ideas unless you are very clear with life that what you want. Well if you are a car lover or bike lover there is the best path for you to make your hobbies into your professional life.   Why automotive designing?   Automotive designing is a career read more....

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Automotive designing is filed of creativity and constant innovation these are the few, top colleges around the world who delivers highly skilled designers to the industries with creative programs and world-class teaching technology.     Art Centre, USA Art Center College of Design offers a new model for design education in the 21st century and a leading to provide students innovative learning and making spaces. There are two campuses for the art center. Hillside and South In addition to its top-ranked academic programs, the College also serves residents of the Greater Los Angeles region through a highly regarded series of year-round educational programs for all ages and levels of experience.   Because designers can bring invaluable insights to an enterprise read more....

Author - Arjun pujari     |     19-03-2019     |     Creactive creactiveed car design courses car design courses demo what is creactive is an e-learning platform, We provide various online courses for a student in the automotive designing discipline to develop their skill sets and mindsets to become an automotive designer. We also provide training to students for the entrance exam to get into Top designing schools, for bachelors as well as masters all around the world. has all the necessary course to develop the abilities that an automotive designer must have. from the very start i.e. sketching to production-ready 3D model training /  ‘class A’ surface finishing model training. We not only provide video tutorials but also assistance and advice from top industry experts. Any time doubt clearing feature, while you doing the course you always be in touch with a tutor via m read more....

Blogs - How to Get Into Automotive Designing College
How to Get Into Automotive Designing College
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Designing is a very broad field, choosing a particular discipline, will help you choose the best college for your career, speaking particularly about the automotive designing, there are some best colleges available in India as well as abroad for creating your bright future. Before move further let me address this obvious question that students have in mind. Is it compulsory to have a degree to get a job? However, it is not mandatory to have a degree in designing to get a job in the industry, more on it depends on your skills and passion. In this case, you can refer to some of the certification and online courses for skill development and understanding the industry. I would recommend taking these online courses before getting into designing colleges and invest heavy numbers in college read more....

Blogs - How to Apply for Course on
How to Apply for Course on
Author - Arjun pujari     |     27-02-2019     |     Creactive creactiveed car design courses car design courses demo what is creactive Automotive Design Designing courses Online designing courses

This is an introductory article where we will be briefing you about how you can study from and how you can get most out of it. We will be explaining to you all the details will be required to register with the website. We will also briefly discuss the features which are going to be an extra added advantage to your career. is an e-learning platform, students from all the background, who has a passion for automotive designing are welcomed. We provide various online courses for a student in an automotive designing discipline to develop their skill sets and mindsets to become an automotive designer. We also provide online training to the student for their entrance exam to get into designing schools for bachelors and masters.   HOW TO SIGN UP W read more....

Blogs - Top Automotive Design Colleges In India
Top Automotive Design Colleges In India
Author - Arjun pujari     |     27-02-2019     |     Car design colleges in pune Car design colleges in Mumbai Car design colleges in India Car design colleges in Bangalore Car design colleges in Gujrat Automotive designing careers eligibility transportation design courses in india Top 10 design colleges

Automotive designing is a creative field with a limited source to gain knowledge, there are only a few institutions for bachelors and masters degree in India. Following are the most popular Automotive Design Colleges in India. National Institute Of Design (NID), Ahmedabad The National Institute of Design (NID) stands as the most popular institute in the country that offers various courses related to design. The campuses of NID are spread across the country in places such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bangalore. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses in design and their annual fee is about 2,62,800. Strate School of Design, Bangalore More than just a school, Strate is a project fostered by a human community. The designer`s values of benevolence, empathy, read more....

Blogs - How to Become a Car Designer
How to Become a Car Designer
Author - Arjun pujari     |     14-03-2019     |     Automotive Designer Car designer career Car designer School Automotive design school Transformation design Car Design online Creactive car design online Learn car design car design course.

Car designing or automobile designing is a profession of pure creativity and passion. As a designer, you have to work in designing studios along with Engineers to create and develop top-level cars to the company. The designing of a car is not only involved in looks of the car but also it mainly focuses on the functionalities of the car. So designers co-ordinate with the engineering team in every stage of the designing process of a prototype to match the required specifications and needs. Mainly aiming towards the smooth functions, classic looks and greater comfort level of a car   Responsibilities of car designer                                          If you want to read more....

Blogs - Return of the CAFE RACERS
Return of the CAFE RACERS

The Café-Racer has always been a pop-culture icon and one of the coolest forms of a motorcycle. Custom bike builders around the world have been creating a wide variety of takes on this segment. Café Racer was a term developed among British motorcycle enthusiasts of the early 1960s where the bikes were used for short, quick rides between cafés, in Watford at the Busy Bee café and the Ace café in London. These pop culture icons represented speed, status and rebellion. For the sheer need for performance, the bikes were customized to be light weight with a tuned engine and minimalistic bodywork. Dropped bars that are low, narrow handle bars (called clip-ons) enabled the rider to be able to ‘tuck-in’, reducing the wind read more....

Blogs - Is KTM changing its design language
Is KTM changing its design language
Author - Tapan Jadhav     |     25-10-2018     |     KTM KTM Motorcycles KTM Superduke KTM 1290GT KTM GT KTM 790 KTM Duke Duke 390 RC390

In a world of users that want more performance and more aggression from their machines, KTM has always been popular for pushing the boundaries with each of their products. Coming from a long standing heritage of being one of the best dirt bike manufacturers in the world, KTM might be trying a newer direction. KTM motorcycles have unmistakable styling that comes from a European design studio known as KISKA design. ​ At the helm is the founder, Mr.Gerald Kiska who has created a unique styling benchmark for KTM with the sharp, edgy and angular origami inspired styling. Over the last few years, KTM has seen tremendous success in Asian markets with their entry level Duke & RC models. The company that came out of bankruptcy only a few years ago is now one of the most dominating playe read more....