How to Become a Car Designer

How to Become a Car Designer

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Car designing or automobile designing is a profession of pure creativity and passion. As a designer, you have to work in designing studios along with Engineers to create and develop top-level cars to the company. The designing of a car is not only involved in looks of the car but also it mainly focuses on the functionalities of the car. So designers co-ordinate with the engineering team in every stage of the designing process of a prototype to match the required specifications and needs. Mainly aiming towards the smooth functions, classic looks and greater comfort level of a car


Responsibilities of car designer                                         

If you want to become a car designer you need to understand the responsibilities of a designer and how you are going to create something which is going to use by millions of people, how well you maintain the quality and function of the car. This post is particularly for people who are obsessed with modern cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes.


What Kind of Education or Training Does a Car Designer Need

Education required

The majority of Automotive companies don't require a college degree or certificate to get a job in the design field, but they want a high level of skills and passion in automotive designing. Since car design is a very competitive field, a high level of academic achievement is beneficial when looking for an entry-level job.

Students with any background but passion and creative solutions are welcomed into the designing schools. Irrespective of your discipline in your 10+2 you can opt for a bachelor course in automotive designing and students with other bachelor degrees can also go for masters in automotive designing. It is must that student should be capable of showcasing their skillsets and mindsets for designing next-generation cars.


Passion and creativity

Passion and creativity are the two key factors that designers must have to become a successful car designer. Skills can be developed over time but passion can’t. One must have an enormous level of passion and a greater level of patience to become pro car designers, you need to be creative and should have an innovative observation to develop modern cars.

Get a hand on experience in cars during your education

During your academics, Attend the workshops and try to get some hand on experience on cars, work on your own projects and dream cars. Attend conferences held by some of the top car brands and magazines, these are the great platforms to build your network in the industry and to get inspiration. Follow the influencers on social media and their work, keep researching on top brands and their upcoming cars this will help you think creatively and keep you updated with the industry trends.

Once you get the formal education, work on developing the required advanced skills to design a car in the industry,  start making your portfolio and add all the projects that you have worked in your educational time and after start applying for designing internships or jobs. consider taking other online courses to keep you updated with the trends in designing area and to think innovatively.

Designing colleges for automotive designing in India

There are so many designing colleges in India and abroad choose right college according to your need and comfort. Here is the list of top colleges you can refer

(note: listed college are not in order of ranking)

  • National Institute Of Design (NID) (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bangalore)
  • Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT), (Mumbai)
  • MIT Institute Of Design - MITID Loni Kalbhor, (Pune)
  • Strate School of Design, Bangalore (Bangalore)

Designing colleges for automotive designing around the world

  • ArtCenter College of Design (California, USA)
  • College for creative studies  ( Detroit, USA)
  • Royal College of Art (Kensington Gore, Kensington, London)
  • Coventry University (Priory St, Coventry CV1 5FB, UK)
  • Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) (Via Pompeo Leoni, 3, 20141 Milano MI, Italy)
  • Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) (Via Carlo Bo, 7, 20143 Milano MI, Italy)

If you are the one who is planning to start your career in designing or willing to do bachelors or masters in automotive designing from any country, it is must that you should prepare for the entrance exam. That's the only way you can proceed with your dreams, in that case, try taking some online courses. This way it will help you understand the designing field, and it is definitely going to be helpful for you, in passing the entrance exam for the design colleges wishes you brighter career. Have any questions? Let’s discuss in the comments section.