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60 Chapters
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57 Assignments
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The Motorcycle Design course by Creactive is aimed at providing a complete demonstration and insight into the various factors and steps that go into styling a Motorcycle. It covers theoretical aspects that help in understanding the core of Motorcycle segments, architecture, usability, market and the end user.

A design course crafted by industry experienced tutors for all the passionate motorcycle lovers out there. It takes you through a complete journey of learning the prominent factors that govern the Automotive Design discipline.



TUTOR SUPPORT over PHONE & EMAIL – We have full time tutors available over phone and email to address any queries you may have as you go through the course. You can reach us easily

DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE – Student learning and progress will be monitored through assignments. Once you have learnt the skills through various chapters and completed the final project, you will receive a Diploma Certificate.

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7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – After subscription, you can start the course by watching the videos. If you are not satisfied with the content for any reason, you can choose to terminate your subscription within seven days of purchase. We provide a 7 day money back guarantee.  



A ground up chronological structure of the course is aimed at providing you with the skill set and mindset required to be an automotive designer. We cover all the basic sketching and digital tools required in this design discipline.

THEORY - Get introduced to Motorcycle segments and basic vehicle architecture. Learn the fundamentals factors that govern the automotive design field. Detailed presentations help you understand the necessary methods to approach design.

DESIGN SKETCHING - Learn sketching skills from the basics and move on to advanced levels. It covers different drawing methods, object sketching, products, and marker rendering. It will also cover all aspects in MOTORCYCLE SKETCHING. You will be learning and implementing all the techniques learnt along the way.  

DIGITAL RENDERING - Get introduced to the commonly used software for digital rendering and illustration. Learn each tool and its functions while executing the linked tasks. Move on to automotive rendering in Photoshop while learning automotive surfaces and vehicle bodies.

THINKING SKILLS - Design is a process of problem solving with a unique thinking approach. Here you will learn the overall approach to a design project. IN the process you will learn and build the required thinking, observational and analytical skills.

ASSIGNMENTS & FULL DESIGN PROJECT - As you progress through the course, you will have engaging assignments. Towards the end of the course, you will see an entire design project demonstrated by the tutor and do it yourself as well. You will also work on your own design project that you need to complete by yourself.

PORTFOLIO BUILDING & GUIDANCE - We will provide portfolio building guidance and teach you how to present your work towards the end of the course.