Short Term Automotive Designing Courses

Short Term Automotive Designing Courses

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Automotive designing is a course where perfection is needed. it can’t be learned overnight or can become perfect with short term investment of time. It is a full-time course as any other fields, which is why it is essential for you to pursue it as full time. However, if you are new to the fields or already pursuing a career but need some specialized short term course to help and improve your skills, in either way these courses will be useful for you.


Since it is useful both beginners and existing students lets categorize the courses in two ways


For beginners

1)  Car sketching

2) Motorcycle sketching

3) Marker rendering


For regular students

1)  Photoshop Digital Rendering

2)  Automotive Designing

3)  Motorcycle Designing

4)  Motorcycle Tank 3D Modelling in alias

5)  Portfolio Building Course


Apart from these two categories are a few courses that everyone can do and are especially job oriented are listed below


1)   Alias Audi A5 modeling


3)  Reverse Engineering Alias Model


Car and motorcycle sketching: a student from class 5 to 12th can take these courses and pursue as a hobby one can take a small step in entering the large scope of the automotive designing world. Sketching of car or sketching of automotive designing is different from the traditional sketching as it is not for entertainment it is a product which is going to be used by millions of people. In fact the sketching of cars and sketching of the motorcycle also a different having some varieties of creative skills made only for the particular product.  So sketching is very important and must have a tool to express your ideas and convey your thoughts in automotive designing. Click here to learn car sketching and motorcycle  sketching


Marker rendering: once students are capable of drawing, it comes to coloring. In automotive designing discipline, we call it a marker rendering where students can experiment their design with different colors on the parts of the car or motorcycle to get the best looks and style of the vehicle.


Automotive designing basics: this is a course where you will learn all the basic skills and mindset to become an automotive designer. This course will cover all the necessary tools and skills you will be required and puts you in the space where you will able to see the things very broader. You will understand the importance and efforts required to become a successful automotive designer.


Photoshop Digital Rendering: rendering is a very important tool you must know as a designer. In this students will be learning the basic use of all commands  of photoshop, rendering of cars and bikes, creating top view, front view and side view, illusion of 3D model is also created in the Photoshop, effects like light passing through different parts of car will show the parts of the vehicle in detail which is not possible in normal sketching. Click here to learn automotive digital rendering with real-time examples

Note: the different company uses different software for rendering, but the most commonly used software or best software for beginners is Photoshop.


Automotive Designing: Automotive Designing is a full-time diploma course where students undergo several pieces of training and courses. Starting from sketching, marker rendering, digital rendering, chance to work on live projects under the guidance of industry experts to understand the real challenges which will intern help students in their portfolio building. Click here for a complete course of automotive designing and boost your career.


Motorcycle Designing: We often see students are interested in either cars or motorcycle. Keeping that in mind this has been created. No matter if you want to customize your own bike or want to learn automotive designing in motorcycle designing this course will help you an understanding of motorcycle designing very in depth.


a.                 Motorcycle designing

b.                 Car designing


Alias 3D Modelling: Alias 3D modeling is the advance specialized course for 3D modeling of cars and bikes to obtain A class surface finish. This is completely software-driven course student who is no connection to automotive designing previously can also eligible to this course and have a job in the hand right after completion of course, as there is a large scope for alias in the market

Alias courses further subdivided into the various course as listed below to have in-depth knowledge in obtaining the A class surface finish of the vehicle


Alias Audi A5 modeling: During this course, you will learn to use all the tools that a professional would use to model a car in Alias. In this course, you will be building the AUDI A5 Sportsback Model. You will learn how to build an exterior with A-Class Bezier surfaces, perfect highlights, good CV distribution and with correct patch layout.



This Alias CAS module will teach you how to build a model quickly, which is ready to export from Alias as an IGES file, to send to CNC Milling. CAS Modelling (Computer Aided Styling). Is used a lot in the modern Automotive Design Studio. Many of the skills you will learn are listed in the description of the CAS modeling process below


A CAS model is created in a short time, from the sketches and ideas of the designer. This means that he/she will see you frequently to give directions on the model. A CAS model is a light file because it is built with degree 2 and degree 3 surfaces, which in turn are built on a curve structure. The curves can be as low as degree 2, but for complex lines such as the shoulder degree 5 curves can be used.


Reverse Engineering Alias Model: It is important for the modeler to keep the direct history of the curves and srf alive, so that the model can be lengthened, shortened et cetera, using the Transformer Rig. When the transformer rig tool is employed with live history, all the curves and srf that are affected by say stretching the model will automatically update.


From courses above you will learn how Audi A5 modeling surface modeling and reverse engineering alias modeling from Graham Bullock who is ex Lamborghini designer and world-famous alias expert. Click here and start your career in automotive designing. wishes you a brighter career ahead.