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The training begins with the basics and grows into complex aspects ranging from perspective drawing, hatching techniques, product sketching to marker rendering.

The step by step structure helps people with little or even no previous experience with drawing, develop a new set of skills. It is ideal for students looking into taking up Automotive Design Courses in the future or people with a general liking for sketching.   

Design and Art have always been two very closely linked disciplines although common misunderstanding is that they are the same. Our course in Design Sketching helps draw a distinct line. Design is a matter of creating for other people while Art is about expressing one’s own self.


This course deals with the different kinds of sketching skills required in the design profession.

Sketching is the first and perhaps the most important skill used by designers to express their ideas. The purpose behind a designer’s sketch is to express the visual characteristics of the idea or product.



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THEORY – Learn the fundamental visual factors that govern the design field. Detailed presentations help you understand the necessary methods to approach design.

BASIC & ADVANCED DRAWING SKILLS – This is the fun area where you will learn design sketching from the very basic levels. Understand and practice the fundamental drawing techniques and move on to learning slightly more advanced skills. Here you will learn how to draw basic objects and products. You then move on to a few Marker Rendering techniques.